On Fire: Being courageous enough to be who you are.  How can we cultivate fire? A daily practice. Challenge your mind and body to a 30-day practice. 

Challengers will be asked to:

 - Attend 4 in-studio classes per week

 - Practice "Yoga" the other 3 days per week, or more (can include home practice, practice at another studio, meditation, journaling, etc.)

An incentive and tracking board will be within the studio!

 - In-Studio Practice: Orange Sticker

 - Home Practice: Silver Sticker

 - Meditation: Blue Sticker

 - Other: Black Sticker

Challengers will keep track of their daily practice using a shared google sheet. 


We’re planning the dates to our next 30 Day Challenge & looking forward to us getting a chance to work with you during the process!